1. Let Your Community Get the Attention It Deserves

The global anime community is huge and so broken! It’s hard to know what vocaloid Youtaites are doing, what is happening in Figure Photography, and what Tumblr is suddenly obsessed with. We want you to be that bridge and community voice. Highlight the heros of your community, share what’s being built, and introduce others to your community.

Communities We Especially Want to Hear From




Figure collecting



Viewpoints from different countries on their anime experience

Indie Game Developers

Music composers or rearrangers

And pretty much every other community out there

2. Making Viral Content Matters

We can list 99 reasons why you should create content meant to be shared, but the main reason should be to reach and connect all of the anime community! And why create content that no one will see? Read top articles on GoBoiano and other sites - is there a way to spin your content so it’s similar but still delivers the message you want to share?

3. The Internet LOVES List

9 out of 10 list go viral on the internet. Why? Because bites sized content is easier to consume than long form. Most people are reading on the go (e.g. trains, buses, work). Not everything has to be list format, but think on how to make all your content as easy to process and fun to read!


4. Use social media to your advantage

All contributor content is published on the GoBoiano Network. This gives you access to potentially reaching the 11 million monthly people that come into contact with GoBoiano content on social media. However, not all articles are seen equally. Getting views and shares at the start, when an article is first posted on social media, has a snowball effect so if you want to be seen as a leading voice in the anime community, we’ll support you with our network but you can help yourself by asking friends or groups to share your content as well.

5. Don’t be a Shameless Advertiser or a Troll

Neither are engaging or bring something new to the table. If you have something you want to promote, present it in an engaging light.

  • Maybe you have a book on the history of anime - just put the top 5 craziest facts with some awesome gifs and share at the bottom that people can read more in your book that you’ve linked to your website or amazon page. Now that’s engaging!

  • Maybe you hate how everyone is talking about Love Live instead of Sugar Sugar Rune. Don’t be a troll - you can be controversial but don’t be downright mean. You could spin it into “Why Sugar Sugar Rune is the show of the Century” or “Love Live Really Is a Remake of These 5 Shows”

6. Make it Easy To Read

Like Shakespeare said

“Brevity is the soul of wit.” 

So anything that isn’t absolutely necessary or really adds some humor, background, or other element, just cut it.  Many of our top articles are less than 800 words! Instead use images, gifs, and videos to tell a story beyond just words.

More questions? Email us at contact@goboiano.com and we’ll help you out