GoBoiano Social

GoBoiano Social is a web platform focused on connecting the global Anime community under one centralized network. GoBoiano aims to build the social graph of the Anime community for industry individuals, creators, and general fans of Anime culture.

The Anime community is a large overarching community made up of multiple sub-communities. Channels are the social foundation of GoBoiano allowing you to organize and highlight the communities and content that matter most to you. You can choose the channels you want to connect with, such as Vocaloids or Utaite, and share experiences from others within that community.

Your personalized dashboard provides a glimpse of your overall GoBoiano network including updates from your connections, trending discussions, stories from GoBoiano media, and new creations from the creative community.

Make sure to sign up for an invite to get into the beta of GoBoiano!

GoBoiano Media

GoBoiano Media reports on topics surrounding the Anime lifestyle, its effects on pop culture, and how it inspires creativity and individuality across the globe. GoBoiano creates content of all forms to help keep the Anime community informed, while acquiring people outside of the culture into our community. GoBoiano brings content and technology to the forefront to help deliver high quality stories to readers around the world. We also provide a contributors program for writers looking to build an audience or gain experience in a media environment!

Anni and Mei

The Anni and Mei project is a collaboration between GoBoiano and producers from the east with the goal of creating the songstress of Anime culture. The project is currently in development with plans to launch this summer.

Please be sure to get in touch at annimei@goboiano.com if you have any messages for Anni and Mei, they’d love to hear from you!