Front-End Developer

We're currently searching for a developer with an excellent aesthetic eye and previous experience in front-end development. Our Front-End Developer will need to be a team player and have the interpersonal skills to work within a small and dedicated team, developing a product that is both scalable and flexible. Communication and the ability to meet deadlines is a must. All of our developers need to understand the goals and strategies behind each project, leading to an increase in overall productivity and quality. Our ideal candidate will have high energy levels and the ability to think on a comprehensive level about product strategy, and not simply "How it should look". You should understand what we're building, bringing insights and opinions to the table.


• Work with product designers to implement new GoBoiano products.

• Build efficient and reusable front-end abstractions and systems.

• Participate in design and code reviews with the development team.

Languages We Use: Html5, CSS3, Javascript


• Knowledgable in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

• Ability to write high performance, reusable code for UI components.

• Experience developing rich applications.

• Solid understanding of the full web technology stack.

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