Community Manager

GoBoiano is looking for a community manager with an exceptional understanding of social media and the Anime community. You must have prior experience in social media, strong communication skills, and the ability to learn while working in a fast-paced environment. Proactiveness and team collaboration is a prioritized skillset for the position. Community Managers at GoBoiano will act as brand ambassadors for GoBoiano online and offline, identifying opportunities for optimizing community growth. This offers you the unique opportunity of playing a key role in the growth of the GoBoiano brand from team culture to consumer interactions. Your job will be wearing the face of the brand striving to be the face of the Anime community.


• Write for the GoBoiano Blog highlighting our community and Anime culture.

• Be an Ambassador for GoBoiano in the Anime community; listening and gathering feedback to present to the team.

• Work with GoBoiano Creators to gather feedback, while developing high level strategy to improve our program and better our creators.

• Host engaging events on that drive traction and social activity within the community.

• Work with Anime-focused organizations, individuals and networks to build their presence on GoBoiano.

• Create and organize content for the GoBoiano newsletter.


• Strong copy & editing skills.

• Diligent, independent worker with strong project management and communication skills.

• Experience working in a media organization or community field.

• Deep understanding and passion for Anime culture.

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