Introducing GoBoiano Media

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of GoBoiano Media, a multimedia network dedicated to reporting on topics surrounding the anime lifestyle, it’s growing effect on mainstream pop culture and how it inspires creativity and individuality across the globe. 


With GoBoiano Media, we wanted to craft an experience able to be enjoyed not only by the anime community, but also by people outside of the culture. Our goal is to allow them a better understanding of our anime lifestyle. We want to use content as the gateway to link the multiple verticals of the anime community, while also bridging together the anime community and the rest of the world. Our team believes it is the first step towards developing large-scale media production for the anime community. 

GoBoiano Media is our first public launch from our project focused on sharing anime culture with the world. We look forward to soon bringing all of our projects together as the centralized network of the anime lifestyle! 

Until then, Check back here for updates and other announcements by GoBoiano. We have a special announcement from Anni and Mei coming soon! 

- The GoBoiano Team

15 GoBoiano Channels to Check Out

Channels are the social foundation of GoBoiano. We use them as a way to differentiate the different communities on GoBoiano, while also providing a way to catalog content on the network. With only a small amount of users invited into the beta, the community has already created hundreds of channels across the platform and thousands of content to flood them!

Here are 15 channels that we recommend you check out once you're invited into GoBoiano.  




Who doesn't love gifs? On GoBoiano's Gifs page, you can browse around for some of your favorite moments in anime and gaming or post images of your top characters or idols acting wacky. Don't forget to tag the anime the gif comes from to avoid too many “wat anime” situations! 




Love looking at cosplay? Are you a cosplayer yourself? The cosplay channel is filled with plenty of creative costumes to admire and draw inspiration from, and is also a great place to share photos of all the amazing cosplayers you meet at conventions!

Attack on Titan



Attack on Titan is still as much of a hot issue as ever, and if you can't get enough of the TV series or the manga, you need to visit this page to check out the latest in fanart, AoT news, discussions, merchandise, and even parodies! 

Fanart Friday


What better way to celebrate the end of the week than by sharing your favorite fanart from DeviantArt, Pixiv, or elsewhere around the web? If you're an artist yourself, be sure to use this theme day to share your own creations inspired by anime, manga, videogames, music, and Japanese pop culture!




Drooling over Yoko Littner? Can't get enough of Sebastian Michaelis? Have a pop idol bias list that runs for miles? If so, the Waifu/Husbando channel is the perfect place to share your fangirl/fanboy fervor and indulge in a few image self-gifts. Be careful, though: you may have defend your waifu against a fan who thinks his is better!


Anime/Manga Recommendations


Not sure what to read or watch at the moment? Use the Anime/Manga Recommendations channel to ask your fellow users what they think might be interesting based on their own taste or yours. If you have a series you're really obsessing over, be sure to share it to this channel if you think other users would get a kick out of it, too!


 Warning. Weird stuff a'boot here. 

Warning. Weird stuff a'boot here. 

Speaking of getting a kick out of something, visiting the Humor page will bring more laughs than you can handle! If you have a funny Japanese pop culture or anime parody to share, post it here to spread the fun around the GoBoiano community. 



Want to keep up with the latest in Japanese Rock news, music videos, and concerts? Follow the J-Rock page to keep up with artists like ONE OK ROCK, L'arc~en~ciel, and UVERworld and discover new artists you haven't encountered yet.



The mascots here at GoBoiano are so cute, aren't they? If you're an Anni and Mei fan, visit this page to check out official images, fanart, and music featuring these two up-and-coming stars. Anni and Mei have their own GoBoiano accounts, so who knows? They may even drop by and say hello to you!


Anime Music


If you love anime themes, OSTs, insert tracks, and musical score, this is the page for you! Get your fill of the best in anime music, and share your own personal favorites with the community. Chances are you'll discover a few gems you've never heard before!



Calling all gamers! Use this page to share content from the videogames you've been playing and discover new titles our users have been checking out. If you're stuck in your current game, need some advice, or want to connect with other gamers for some online gaming, it wouldn't hurt to reach out to users on this channel as well!

GoBoiano Creators


The GoBoiano Creators program has plenty of talented individuals behind it, so if you're looking for the best of the best in fanart, original content, doujin music, cosplay, and much more, this channel is a great place to begin. If you'd also like to post on this channel, be sure to apply to the program yourself to share your own work.



If you enjoy anime music covers or are cover singer yourself, be sure to connect to this channel to listen to or share the work of talented utaite and get feedback on your own creations. If you're new to the Nico Nico Douga scene, this is a great place to get started!



A new year, a new beginning. I hope senpai notices me! Do you have a senpai you want to catch the attention of? Visit this page for some surefire ways to attract the interest of your desire upperclassman...or else scare them away forever. 


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


What's the Queen of Kawaii up to? Never miss a single false eyelash, insane back-up dancer, or ginormous hair bow by keeping up with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on this fan channel dedicated to one of the weirdest and most unique Japanese pop performers.

There are hundreds of channels spread across GoBoiano, some weirder than others. We hope that you find your place on GoBoiano once we're open to the public and start creating your own community within our network! 


If you haven't signed up for GoBoiano beta, you can register here